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Pop’s House, Inc. was founded by Shelby Kearney to assist veterans, formerly incarcerated individuals and people in need who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in their efforts to achieve ultimate independence and self-sufficiency with housing and services.


Pop’s House derives its name from the founder’s father, who held a deep disdain for the inhumane treatment of veterans returning home from the Vietnam War. During the 1970s, Pop aspired to take action, but unfortunately, passed away before he could realize his vision.


This loss inspired Shelby to establish a nonprofit organization in Pop’s memory, creating a lasting legacy that accomplishes two primary goals:

1 - honoring Pop’s compassion for veterans, and

2 - celebrating his remarkable passion
as a singer.

Shelby Kearney

Executive Director

CEO and Founder

William "Pop" Kearney

pop music3.JPG
pop music1.JPG

Shelby Kearney

CEO and Founder

Pennsylvania location

Vicki Rawlings

 Board President


Crystal Smith

Board Vice President


Shelby Kearney

Board Secretary


Ebony LaFon

Board Treasurer


Stephanie Timberlake

Admissions Director


Deborah Bobb

Administrative Assistant

Victor Rawlings


Retired, U.S. Army


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