All programs are created to reduce homelessness, empower our clients to be self-sufficient and lessen the burden on the community.


Phase I provides housing in one of our facilities to veterans and ex-offenders who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Phase II provides or locates support services for clients.

Phase III provides permanent housing or assists in locating permanent housing.

Phase IV provides follow-up and/or ongoing support services to clients upon release to the community and/or through final release of probation or parole supervision. This service provides tracking and develops outcomes for Pop’s House’s relationship with the individuals.


Computer Literacy Class

Instruction is provided for basic or advanced computer skills, depending on the individual client ability and need. Each client receives a free refurbished desktop computer to complete his courses.


Financial Literacy Class 

Pop’s House teaches money management and budgeting using FDIC Money Smart Adult Education Program and FDIC Money Smarts for Older Adults, which are computer-based instruction programs. In addition, where needed, one-on-one financial budgeting skills are taught to clients and/or family members. 


Job Readiness Class

Provides resume preparation, mock interviews, job search assistance,completion of job applications, job readiness techniques, and mentoring to assist clients in obtaining gainful employment.



Pop’s House, in partnership with the Food Bank, provides food to clients (and their immediate families), who are living in Pop’s House’s facilities or who are part of the ongoing support services.



C.A.T bus passes and MetroCards are provided as needed to assist with transportation to and from employment.